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Seminar on new ICT technologies for intellectual disabilities in APSA

Updated: May 7, 2020

Our research group ( form our Campus of Alcoi of UPV, is in the NICCoLLa project, where we have the APSA (a NGO entity focused on people with intellectual disabilities) as one of our partners.

Our first action in the context of the NICCoLLa was a seminar on new ICT technologies for intellectual disabilities and how they can help patients, caregivers, and professionals. It took place February 27th 2020 with more than 40 professionals of APSA.

The ideas we are receiving from them are just amazing, and most of them really possible with our current technology. A big challenge for our lab. and an incredible contribution to our NICCoLLa project.

It was a great experience that we will repeat for those professionals that work with people older than 16 very soon.

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